Advanced trade and investing performance analytics

Performance analysis

  • View trade history by instrument with gain loss and holding period
  • View a list of transactions and filter by G/L amount and type (Buy, Sell, Gain, Loss)
  • Displays key performance statistics
  • Smart filter aggregates & categorizes trades by G/L amount into ranges, by a specifiable increment
  • View trading activity summarized by day with realized G/L, cost basis, proceeds
  • Browse transactions by day
  • See the best performers in the portfolio by year

Trade planning

  • Automatic stop / target price calculation and projected gains & losses in 1% or 5% steps
  • Percentage and buy calculators for opening new positions
  • Built-in note taking with folders
  • Keep track of share averages, with individual stop calculation for different share prices
  • Simulate buy / sell with different lot selection methods
  • Simulate Sell By ID with custom lot selection

Compatible with major brokerages

  • Import transactions csv from Robinhood
  • Import gain loss reports txt/tsv from TD Ameritrade and other* brokerages (with Gainskeeper reporting)
  • Supports multiple portfolios to import multiple years performance data

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